Monday, September 10, 2012

New Normal star, Andrew Rannells, responds to One Million Moms protest of his show

Bob Fischbach, of the Omaha World-Herald, interviewed Tony-nominated Andrew Rannells, about his new NBC sitcom premiering tonight. Rannells grew up in Omaha near Gerald Ford's birthplace, about 15 blocks from McFly's, which is also in the news today. Rannells' stint at Creighton Prep overlapped that of Connor Oberst, born two years later.
Q. One Million Moms protested the show as “harmful to our society.” Care to respond?
A. I think Ryan has already responded. No one had seen the show when they protested. They're boycotting something when they don't know what it is yet. We represent a gay couple starting a family, but its also about a single mother trying to get her life on track. Ellen Barkin's character is trying to reinvent herself as well, and she has a very different viewpoint from Justin's and my characters.
     There's no gay agenda being pushed here. It's a well-rounded, well-crafted story we're telling. For anybody to make a judgment before seeing it seems a little odd to me. ... They might like it.

Q. Your private life, including your sexuality, has suddenly become a lot more public. Was your decision to be out as a gay man a difficult one?
A. I never really considered myself in. It had never come up. I said that in an interview with New York magazine. I never considered having to come out. I certainly feel very fortunate that I get to live in a time that I, as an out gay man, have not been penalized or punished. I have a nice career. This opportunity to play two gay characters in the same year is a real gift.
Ranella's other half in The New Normal, Justin Bartha, talked to Z-92 in an interview aired this morning (at the 11:33 mark) about the show, the pilot of which will be shown tonight on NBC after The Voice. Tomorrow, the first episode will be broadcast.
     In previous interviews Bartha has been less diplomatic than Rannells, saying, "I hope some people are offended."

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