Friday, October 31, 2014


From the press release announcing the appointment of Drew Heckman as HRC's first-ever Nebraska field organizer:
      LGBT people also actively participate in their faith communities and are raising families. HRC’s survey reveals 66 percent of those surveyed ages 18-25 intend to have children one day and 31 percent are people of faith. In addition, according to a 2010 Census study by the Williams InstituteNebraska has one of the highest rates of same-sex couples raising children of any state in the country.
      “Faith and strong families are essential values in the lives of LGBT people,” said HRC Faith and Religion associate director Joseph Ward. “This survey clearly shows LGBT Nebraskans and their families actively participate in their churches.”
     What HRC's survey clearly shows is that 69% of gay people in Nebraska are NOT very — or at all — religious. And don't get AKSARBENT started on HRC's buy-in of the "people of faith" rubric. Atheists and Agnostics are also people of faith — in science not mythology.

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