Sunday, April 20, 2014

#1 homophobe in NE Senate manfully assaults his Obama dolly in new campaign ad

Above: Sen. Beau "I'm on a horse!" McCoy
The bad news: McCoy, running for governor against four other GOP aspirants, is being supported by $50,000 in ads from one of the country's biggest dark money organizations, Iowa's American future fund. The good news: the same group is running $130,000 in attack ads against NE AG Jon Bruning, also a vitriolic homophobe.
     In 2012, McCoy tried to ban all municipal LGBT anti-bias legislation in Nebraska with LB912, which never made it out of the Judiciary Committee. Earlier this month, McCoy and Imperial Senator Mark Christensen led a filibuster to kill LB485, an LGBT employment bill outlawing LGBT bias in hiring by introducing 22 amendments to it.
     McCoy, a homeschooled global warming denier, is regarded by some as not much smarter than the fence post off which he knocked an Obama doll, which did not amuse Nebraska Democrats:
     “Beau McCoy hit a new low in his ad, where he is seen striking the president off a fence post,” said Dan Marvin, executive director of the Nebraska Democratic Party.
     “No matter what party you belong to, the depiction of violence displayed in McCoy's ad is completely disrespectful to the office of the presidency and sends the wrong message to our children.”
     Vince Powers, state Democratic chairman, called on McCoy to pull the ad.

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