Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NE state senator Ken Haar, whose climate change study was sabotaged by fellow Sen. Beau McCoy, to appear on the Rachel Maddow show tonight

Nebraska State Senator Ken Haar, widely
considered to be an environmental leader
in Nebraska's Unicameral
Joanne Young, of the Lincoln Journal-Star reports that Haar was asked to fly to Minneapolis to appear on the "Rachel Maddow Show" on Tuesday night to discuss the climate change debate in Nebraska.
     From Young's story:
     Sen. Ken Haar's priority bill (LB583) in the 2013 session required a study on the effects of climate change in Nebraska on agriculture, water, wildlife, ecosystems and outdoor recreation. It was his intent, he said, that the study look at all causes of climate change equally.
     But the request for information sent out by the Department of Agriculture on Monday defined cyclical climate change to mean "a change in the state of climate due to natural internal processes and only natural external forcings such as volcanic eruptions and solar variations."
     That definition violates both the explicit language and the intent of the bill, he said.
     During the legislative session, at the urging of Omaha Sen. Beau McCoy, who disputes human involvement in global warming, the senators ultimately modified LB583 to study "cyclical" climate change.
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