Friday, December 6, 2013

Beau McCoy dares other NE GOP gov. candidates to be as homophobic as he and Heineman are in denying same sex spousal benefits

Via Don Walton of the Lincoln Journal-Star comes the news that Beau McCoy is now challenging other GOP governor candidates to stoop to his level of homophobica by challenging them to oppose state employee benefits to legally married (in other states, obviously) gay couples.
     "Make no mistake," the Omaha state senator said, "every time same-sex couples get the same recognition as a married couple, the Nebraska Constitution and the will of Nebraskans gets undermined."
     McCoy's statement followed the Douglas County Board's 6-1 decision, earlier this week, to grant county employee benefits to employees legally married to same sex spouses. In it, McCoy commended Gov. Dave Heineman, who has repeatedly proven his animus to gay Nebraskans.
     "Gov. Dave Heineman has stood up against all efforts to undermine marriage in Nebraska and hasn't allowed state employee health insurance benefits to be extended to couples not legally married in our state," McCoy said.
     "As governor, I will not allow the institution of marriage or our constitution to be attacked by expanding state benefits to state employees in same-sex relationships who get married in other states."
     The homeschooled McCoy, who has "philosophical" issues with overwhelming scientific evidence that global warming is both man-made and accelerating, tried to ban gay rights ordinances in Nebraska during the 2011-2012 legislative session but failed.

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