Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NE Gov. Heineman, through spokesman, blames state's antigay adoption policy on memo by 1995 HHS director, though he recently refused gay couple a waiver

Nebraska GOP Gov. Dave Heineman, pictured with a weasel.
Heineman is on the right.
Tuesday, the ACLU and ACLU of Nebraska sued on behalf of Joel Busch and Todd Vesely and two other gay couples in Lancaster County District Court over Nebraska's policy ban on gays becoming foster parents, a policy it shares with only one other state — Utah.
Jen Rae Wang
     Ever faithful to his habit of stabbing gay Nebraskans in the back without leaving any fingerprints, the state's GOP Governor, Dave Heineman, hid behind the skirt of his disinformation director, Jen Rae Wang, who saved him the humiliation of once again attempting to blame somebody else by doing it for him.
     Wang attributed the policy to a 1995 memo by an unnamed HHS director in Democratic Governor Ben Nelson's administration, even though Heineman has had the power to reverse the unjust policy for close to a decade.
     Instead, Heineman recently turned down a waiver for Busch and Vesely.
Dave Bydalek of Family First of Nebraska
     KETV's always-excellent Andrew Ozaki (who could probably explain quantum mechanics in a 2-minute segment if he had to) reported the story for KETV.
      Dave Bydalek, of Family First of Nebraska, who recently tried to sell the discredited Regnerus Study to the Unicameral's Judiciary Committee and was properly dismissed by Brad Ashford, weighed in: "Cohabitating couples provide a less stable home for kids in a foster care environment."
     Then he pretended to be even-handed and not a toxic antigay-for-pay bigot by adding: "So it doesn't matter if it's a same sex couple or a cohabitating heterosexual couple."
     Reporter Ozaki then stated the obvious: "But Nebraska doesn't recognize same-sex marriages or unions — even from other states. The always-precise Ozaki probably said "unions" rather than "civil unions" because Nebraska refuses to recognize either civil unions or domestic partnerships, much less same-sex marriage.
     Reliably homophobic Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, who once compared gay marriage to a man marrying a chair, said he would "vigorously" defend the state.

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