Monday, September 2, 2013

Foam Finger inventer unamused by Miley Cyrus' indecent use of his invention; prefers Julie Andrews, but must not know about her potty mouth and racy practical jokes

59-year-old Steve Chmelar, who invented oversized foam fingers in 1971 at age 16 in his parents' Iowa garage and who claims to have made no money from his invention, told Fox Sports:
“If I had a choice between Julie Andrews singing ‘The Sound of Music’ and Miley Cyrus doing ‘Can't Stop,’’ he told Fox, “I’d go the Julie Andrews route.”—he respects that “everyone has their choice and their decision.” He adds of the racy performance, “For people that like that kind of entertainment, I’m sure that it met their needs.”
Obviously Chmelar is not an AKSARBENT reader and must be unaware of the racy impromptu performance the discretely potty-mouthed Julie Andrews inadvertently staged (with Carol Burnett) for Lady Bird Johnson in a hotel hall (below at the 4:35 mark):

Here's Julie Andrews' version, starting at 1:07

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