Saturday, August 24, 2013

New book on rural gays opens with quote from former Nebraska senator and governor Bob Kerrey

The things AKSARBENT discovers by reading the push-content blog list on its own blog!
     We noticed gay literary blog Band of Thebes posted about a new book (left) so we surfed there to see what quote from the publisher's promotion it would spotlight:
"...Johnson argues instead for a queer historicist approach. In so doing, he uncovers a startlingly unruly rural past in which small-town eccentrics, "mannish" farm women, and cross-dressing Civilian Conservation Corps enrolees were often just queer folks so far as their neighbours were concerned. Written with wit and verve, Just Queer Folks upsets a whole host of contemporary commonplaces."
     Band of Thebes went on to note that Publishers Weekly says he [author Colin R. Johnson] "doggedly decodes" passages of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and Stegner's The Big Rock Candy Mountain "that hint at gay sex."
     Here's the pithy, tough-love-for-his-home-state, Kerrey quote (not forward) with which the introduction starts:
Here are a couple excerpts authorized for public viewing by the author:

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