Saturday, June 8, 2013

Family First of Nebraska affiliated with hate group portraying practitioners of religious hiring bias as victims of assault on religious liberty

Tony Perkins, FRC
When the Freedom from Religion Foundation objected to a South Carolina public high school student who subjected the non-Christian students in his captive graduation audience to the so-called Lord's Player during what was supposed to be a secular ceremony in a taxpayer-funded public school, Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council (affiliated with Family First of Nebraska) attacked FFRF for objecting, asserting, among other things:
Gaylor lists of string of abuses by the school district — among them: the description of a new head football coach as a "Christian."
Never trust the Family Research Council (an SPLC-certified hate group) version of anything. Here's what the Freedom from Religion Foundation's Gaylor actually actually said:
     FFRF has received other complaints from District parents and students. Elliott, on behalf of FFRF, also wrote an April 4 complaint  expressing concern after three separate individuals contacted FFRF about other religious violations. Complaints allege discriminatory hiring at Easley High School, religious promotion through posters, and praise music sung in classrooms at West End Elementary School. Elliott told the district that such behavior is a flagrant violation of the separation between state and church required under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.
     One violation involved EHS Athletic Director Christ Carter's comments on the decision to hire Grayson Howell for head football coach. The Easley Patch, from Easley, S.C., reported:
     "There were certain characteristics about Howell that were obvious when Carter spoke to him. 'Number one, our coach is a Christian,' Carter said. 'To me, that's the most important quality, simply because the devil's after our children and the more quality people we can surround our children with, the better chance they have.' "
     Treating an employee or job applicant favorably or with disfavor because of his/her race, color, religion, sex or national origin is illegal according to federal law and South Carolina law.
Dave Bydalek, of Family First, trying to con the Unicameral's
Judiciary Committee in 2013 with citations from the widely-
discredited Regnerus Study.
     Nice to know that Nebraska's Family First and its leader, Dave Bydalek, are affiliated with an organization which promotes religious hiring discrimination against nonchristians by portraying people called out for it as victims of some sort of assault on religious liberty.
     But, given Bydalek's recent behavior (here and here), not surprising.

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