Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dave Bydalek of Family First NE brazenly lies to KETV

"These bills, [LB485, LB380, LB385] basically, would allow two people with absolutely no ties together, legally unconnected, any two persons, to adopt children or provide foster care."
Dave Bydalek, of Nebraska's Family First, which
describes itself as "associated" with
SPLA-designated hate group, the Family
Research Council, as well as Focus on the Family
and the
Alliance Defense Fund, which now
calls itself the Alliance Defending Freedom.
     This is particularly mean-spirited, conniving bullshit; as Dave Bydalek perfectly well knows, Nebraska outlaws gay marriage, domestic partnerships and civil unions, ensuring that even gay couples who don't want to be, are always "legally unconnected." Ensuring that gay couples remain strangers to the law is part of what Family First Nebraska pays Bydalek to do.
      As for "allowing" two persons to adopt children or provide foster care, the bills do nothing of the sort. It is Nebraska judges and social workers who "allow" such things — after evaluation. The bills would simply ensure that state law doesn't interfere.
     The suggestion that these bills clear the way for strangers to jointly provide foster care or adopt, that somehow they create entitlements beyond the purview of social workers and judges, is agitprop that is shamelessly unethical even by Family First Nebraska's abysmally low standards.
     If Bydalek has evidence that child welfare workers in Nebraska place kids, or intend to place kids, in the homes of people who have "absolutely no ties" to each other, we'd love to hear him provide evidence of that to KETV instead of merely making unsupported, fear-mongering accusations. 
     We have to wonder what ridiculous charge Bydalek will make the next time a television camera is pointed at him.
     That Nebraska law "allows" brain surgery by ten-year-olds because it does not restrict the age at which medical degrees and licenses can be awarded?

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