Sunday, December 23, 2012

Right Wing talk radio host Tom Becka leaves Fargo, will return to Omaha

KOIL reports a return to Omaha by Tom Becka, who got a gig at KRWK in Fargo after Clear Channel fired him from KFAB in Omaha following a "business analysis" by one of its major shareholders, Bain Capital.
     Becka has been phoning in his new Omaha program from North Dakota but will quit his show there and move back to Nebraska to begin an expanded 2-6 PM KOIL show on January 2.
Operations manager Jeff Lynn says Becka’s program on KOIL has grown significantly on the station – the adults 35-64 demo is up 26% during the 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm slot in which his show is currently airing.
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  1. I have been listening to Tom Becka for years. I enjoyed his radio show very much, he did-But Head Of The Week on KFAB and many of us here in Hebron NE loved it and his relation ship with his on radio co workers. Serious shows with some humor. He will do very well in his new time slot. Thanks for getting him back.