Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Tom Becka 'three people off the top of your head' litmus test of class discrimination: a guide for morons

KOIL, owned by NRG Media of Cedar Rapids, fulfills
its government licensing imperative to operate in the
public interest by offering a wide diversity of opinion to
its listeners, as exemplified by the above programming.
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Also related: The thread about Becka's harangue discussion with Ben Gray has mysteriously disappeared from Becka's facebook page after his "interview" got unusual traction in the blogosphere.

Tom Becka, to a facebook commenter: "If it (discrimination) was a major problem, you could name me three people off the top of your head..."
     Well, that was easy!
     Let's see how the casual recall approach to bias works in practice, shall we?
     Can you name three people who have had the crap beaten out of them by queer bashers? No? Well then, The Tom Becka Three-People-Off-The-Top-Of-Your-Head litmus test says, "Problem solved! (Or, more accurately, "This isn't a terribly important problem!")
     So what if the FBI says that gay people are more frequently the victims of hate crime than any other minority in the US — the Becka rule still applies, so you can just ignore evidence and statistics, buddy.
     And keep listening to KOIL and patronizing its advertisers, won't you?
     After all, Tom Becka patronizes you.

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