Monday, September 24, 2012

No on Wiggins campaign: Here's what happens when you go down the Bob Vander Plaats road...

Florida's Republican Party declared on Friday that they will
work to unseat the state supreme court justices who
blocked Gov. Rick Scott's plan to suppress minority voting.
(Via JoeMyGod)
Bob Vander Plaats and Iowans For Freedom (IFF), the political hit squad of the Iowa Family Leader, are taking their roadshow of character assassination (see above video) targeting Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins, all over the state this week, literally being followed by the Iowa State Bar Association, which hired its own truck.
     The result of Vander Plaats' cynical campaign to abuse Iowa's judicial retention process with the help of well-funded, secretive out-of-state carpetbaggers like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal, is that the Iowa Supreme Court is being packed with middle-aged white male Republicans appointed by Terry Branstad to replace the judges IFF is methodically picking off.
     Predictions by critics about the danger posed to judicial independence by partisan demagogues like Vander Plaats is now coming true. Exhibit A: Florida.
     KMA reports that Cynthia Moser, president of the 8000 lawyers and judges of the Iowa State Bar Association — oldest in the country — expects local lawyers to speak in many of the cities where the dueling bus tours will stop.
     “I think obviously 2010 was a turning point for all of us who saw what happened to three exceptionally talented and dedicated Supreme Court justices,” Moser told KMA. “I think it was a galvanizing event.”
      Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum will tour with the bus troupe starting Monday and former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will join on Wednesday.

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