Monday, September 24, 2012

Kerrey Senate campaign:
Deb Fischer's lead cut from 28 points to 10

Here's the press release:
The Omaha World Herald survey is clear evidence that momentum is on our side. In mid-June the Fischer campaign released their own survey claiming to be 28 points ahead. Now that lead has been cut to 10.
     Deb Fischer is playing dodge ball with Nebraskans offering nothing but empty slogans and an indefensible budget plan that would be an economic disaster for our state. The more people learn about Deb Fischer, the less they like.
Supporter Sarah Palin (left) and Nebraska senate candidate
Fischer, who had nothing to say to a Lincoln radio station
about Mitt Romney's "47%" remarks during a fund raiser at
the lavish Florida estate of a private equity manager whose
Long Island sex parties are notorious in the Empire State.
Here's how the Kerrey campaign reacted to Fischer's no-show at the Nebraska Rural Health Association’s annual conference on rural health:
The NRHA invited, “those who share the common bond of an interest in rural health” to attend. State Senator Deb Fischer was invited and had confirmed her participation; however, she did not show up to the event.
     “Fischer’s snub to the NRHA is no surprise,” offered Paul Johnson, Senator Bob Kerrey’s Campaign Manager. “She is playing dodge ball with Nebraskans.  She knows that her budget would require a 29% cut out of Medicare. She knows that means a rural economic loss of over $170 million in Nebraska and over 3,500 jobs lost due to the impact on rural hospitals. Hospitals would close. Rural healthcare would end as we know it and the lives of Nebraskans across the state would be harmed.  Clearly, Fischer decided today was not the day to be honest with the voters of Nebraska.”
   ...Senator Kerrey also addressed the League of Nebraska Municipalities at its conference in Kearney, Nebraska. Senator Fischer was also invited to that event but refused to attend.  “Another example of Fischer playing dodge ball with the public,” Johnson noted.

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