Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jazz On The Green — Mike Gurciullo & his Las Vegas Lab Band

Video by AKSARBENT's own "Fingers" DeMille:

Fingers mistaken estimated that Mr. Gurciullo wouldn't have his head chopped off because of the less than 100% viewfinder coverage of the camera. He was wrong. Here's Gurciullo with his head intact:

Mike & his Las Vegas Lab Band will appear every Monday in July at Anthony's Ozone Lounge at 7220 F at 6:30 pm. Attention cheapskates: there is no cover! Anthony's is on the North Side of 72nd. You can't miss it, just look for the large sculpture bovine outside. Richard Simmons once voiced his regret at not climbing on top of the thing when he was in Omaha, but we doubt he would have been the first to do so, drunk or sober.

Below, Martin at Ozone demonstrates his "Trick of the Week" (at the 2:10 mark) — the Mark of Zorro:

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