Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Antigay Chick-Fil-A now bullying heteros, too; will soon open in Papillion after recruitment by Mayor David Black, a huge fan

Chick-Fil-A now sells food inside the Mutual of Omaha bank building and in the company's cafeteria, but is building a 4,569-square-foot store in Papillion at the urging of Mayor David Black (left), a big fan of the company. 

The chain, which donated $2,000,000 to antigay groups in 2010, also has quite a history of making what some would consider overreaching legal threats to various individuals, including the heterosexual below who isn't taking the company's intimidation lying down.

(Via Towleroad)
This is what Jeremy Hooper had to say:
If Dan Cathy is proud that his company's efforts have alienated a customer base that is only going to grow with every passing year, then he has every right to take that defiant position. Pro-equality companies will do the reverse, despite boycotts from groups like NOM. But refusing to own the facts at hand is not an option for either side. And refusing to own the facts by hiding behind a false layer of "family" support (which, by extension, casts LGBT people and allies out of that same unit)? That makes Mr. Cathy sound a bit like a, well—chicken.

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