Friday, July 29, 2016

NE finds sex video of antigay whack job state sen. on one of its computers

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Antigay Bill Kintner, the craziest Republican in the Nebraska Unicameral, is, according to the Lincoln Journal Star, "suspected of having a sexually explicit video of himself on his state computer:"
     This is very naughty, as Nebraska law prohibits public officials from using state computers for "nonessential personal activity."
     Kintner isn't available for comment right now. He's in Indianapolis at an ALEC meeting where he will receive his marching orders and pre-written legislation to introduce in Nebraska, courtesy of the conservative billionaire Koch Brothers and others who fund ALEC.
     We suspect that we would take issue with the state over what it does and doesn't consider essential personal activity, but that argument is for another day. The LJS goes on:
     The probe started with a complaint by Kintner himself, who contacted the Nebraska State Patrol in July 2015 about "what he believed to be a potential internet scam that occurred while the senator was in Massachusetts using his state computer," the patrol confirmed in a release Friday.
     Findings from the yearlong investigation have been turned over to a state agency that handles ethics complaints against public officials. The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission is expected to weigh in on the issue during a meeting Aug. 5.

     Frank Daley, the commission's executive director, declined to comment Friday.

     Kintner could not immediately be reached.
     ...Omaha Sen. Bob Krist said he informed Gov. Pete Ricketts' chief of staff, Matt Miltenberger, last fall that there was a sexually explicit video involving Kintner that had been brought to senators' attention. 

     And another fellow senator said he contacted the State Patrol around the same time, after a woman offered to sell what she called a sexually explicit video of Kintner.
Now that the legislative session is over, GOP Gov. Ricketts is calling for Kintner to resign:
“Upon learning from the State Patrol of their investigation, I phoned Senator Kintner and urged him to resign if the allegations were true. Due to the ongoing investigation of this issue, I have been unable to say anything publicly. If the allegations are true, Senator Kintner needs to resign.”

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