Saturday, May 16, 2015

Who killed LGBT employment rights in NE this year?

Above: Sen. Bill Kintner wielding a bat, Sen. Beau McCoy about to bitch-slap his Obama dolly,
and Joni Craighead, wearing a jacket
     Above: vote on 1644, an amendment to LB586,
showing "yes" (green) and "no" (red) votes and senators
not voting at all. Click picture to enlarge.
     From the Lincoln Journal-Star: "a mid-afternoon vote
on a failed attempt to clarify the bill's exemption for
religious institutions illustrated the challenge proponents
face moving forward.
     Just 20 senators supported the amendment, seen as a
test vote for the overall bill, and 16 senators were present
but didn't vote. Eight of those senators were freshmen."
     Not everyone who didn't vote on the amendment
opposed LB586 — Chambers and Hansen, for example.
However, the number of senators who sat on their hands
demonstrated to Senator Morfeld the need to pack it in.

The short answer to why Sen. Adam Morfeld was forced to table his LGBT employment antibias bill involves the leading homophobes in the Unicameral, Beau McCoy and Bill Kintner, backed by form emails written by the Catholic Church (see video below) urging defeat of LB586, no matter what religious exemption amendments were offered.
     These emails betrayed the disingenuous statement by Greg Schleppenbach, executive director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, who called Sen. Campbell's religious exemption amendment "completely inadequate" even though it was modeled on a Utah amendment which has been called far too generous to religious bigots.
      The smoking-gun email from the Catholic hierarchy clearly showed that no amendment whatsoever would have satisfied the institution that Schleppenbach disingenuously represents.
     Sen. Beau McCoy tried to pick apart the definitions in Senator Morfeld's religious exemption amendment, calling words like "non-disruptive" and "reasonable" too vague.
     In response, Sens. Morfeld and Chambers suggested he consult a dictionary (see video below.)
     Senator Bill Kintner, the Unicameral's purest bigot, fresh from gleefully praising the Eisenhower administration's so-called "Operation Wetback" the day before, attempted to convince everyone in the Unicameral who takes him seriously that LGBTs are far too well-heeled to deserve discrimination protection.
     Perhaps Kintner's next trick will be to attack discrimination protection of Jews and Asian-Americans (especially Japanese- and Chinese-Americans), groups who also make more money than the national average.
     As proof that LGBTs are well-heeled, Kintner cited a CNN Money report, but didn't mention the following, from the very report he cited:
...a recent Gallup poll of more than 120,000 adults conducted this summer actually found that LGBT individuals tend to have lower incomes and to be less educated than the general population.
     Kinter also appeared to be ignorant of a Williams Institute study which found that gay and bisexual men earned 11-27% less than their hetero counterparts and that the wages of transgender women dropped by a third after their transition.
     No discussion of Unicameral jerks would be complete without the mention of Sen. Joni Craighead, to whom gay discrimination is personally not a problem because only ten or eleven complaints have been filed under Omaha's anti-gay job bias protections and because even then, none of them were proven to the satisfaction of whoever reviews them.
     Besides, AS A WOMAN, Craighead was once denied a loan from a bank without a co-signer and therefore all homos, including women homos, should suck it up and stop whining.
     Really, Craighead's musings deserve their own video; maybe we'll assemble another just for her — but then we'd have to include the exchange between Sens. Tyler Larson and Ernie Chambers about snookering people at cards, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with LB586, but which was equally ridiculous.

Video notes: at about the 22:22 mark the video blacks out for a few seconds; then the zoom becomes inexplicably fascinated by Sen. Morfeld's chin. This too, passes. 

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