Saturday, July 30, 2016

Did a Nebraska State Patrolman try to bully the state senate's IT Dept. over senator's sex video?

The Omaha World-Herald has updated its story about the revelations that antigay GOP state senator Bill Kintner's computer was discovered to have sexually compromising video involving Kintner.
     Kintner recently confessed to a fellow state senator, a member of his bible study group, that he had used his state computer for erotic exchanges with a woman.
     Sen. Bob Krist, chair of the Unicameral’s Executive Committee, said he notified GOP Gov. Ricketts’ chief of staff after a junior senator was solicited online with an offer to sell the senator an explicit video involving Kintner.
     Krist said he was made aware of the matter after two State Patrol troopers and a legislative information technology worker went to Kintner’s office to look into his concerns about his email possibly having been hacked or scammed. The Executive Committee that Krist chairs supervises all legislative services and employees.
     Krist said the IT worker went to him because he felt he had been interrogated by Kintner and the patrol about the Legislature’s security system on senator email accounts.
     Krist said he met with Patrol Col. Brad Rice after the incident, and Rice agreed that the State Patrol breached protocol, and that the IT worker should’ve been represented by legal counsel.
Above: State Senators Bill Kintner (left) and Bob Krist
     Kintner's wife of seven years, the former Lauren Hill, leads Gov. Ricketts’ policy research office. She is battling ovarian cancer.
     Jane Kleeb, the chairman-elect of the Nebraska Democratic Party, has been sharply critical of Ricketts' delay in going public with a scandal he knew about last year, tweeting: “Party of Trump and Ricketts look other way while Sen. Kintner has sexually explicit video of himself on state computer"

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