Friday, May 15, 2015

LB586: antigay NE senator picking apart religious exemptions is told by two senators to get a dictionary

Also: Who killed LGBT job rights in Nebraska this year? 

On Thursday, Sen. Adam Morfeld withdrew his LGBT employment rights bill from the Unicameral because, one assumes, he realized he didn't have the votes. Shortly before, an amendment to attempt to placate religious objectors failed, largely because detractors felt it didn't go far enough (and because a suspiciously large number of GOP conservatives didn't vote), even though the amendment copied a similar Utah LGBT antibias employment law amendment which many say was itself far too generous in its religious carve-out.
     Had not Morfeld pulled the bill to keep it alive on a carryover agenda for next session, he would have had to hold lengthy hearings all over again.
     Homeschooled evangelical Beau McCoy (in the video below) is the most relentless homophobe in the Nebraska Unicameral. In 2012, he tried and failed to pass LB912, a Tennessee-style bill which would have barred municipalities in Nebraska from passing LGBT civil rights ordinances.

Video notes: at about the 22:22 mark the video blacks out for a few seconds; then the zoom becomes inexplicably fascinated by Sen. Morfeld's chin. This too, passes.

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