Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Scalia tried floating fear that pro-gay marriage ruling would bar anti-gay marriage ministers from marrying anyone — before Kagan and Breyer shut him up

Fellow travelers: some people scream cray cray from the
gallery, some people intone it from the bench.
Shortly after crackpot-with-priors Rives Miller Grogan yelled that gay marriage supporters could "burn in hell," Justice Antonin Scalia pronounced his outburst "rather refreshing."
     Maybe he was mad that Justices Kagan and Breyer had just demolished his ridiculous suggestion that a pro-gay marriage ruling would prevent anti-gay marriage ministers from marrying anyone. (Various news accounts characterized his concern as merely worrying that anti-gay ministers would be compelled to marry gay couples.)
     Here's what he said (transcript links are here):

In response, Justice Kagan pointedly noted:
...there are many rabbis that will not conduct marriages between Jews and non-Jews, notwithstanding that we have a constitutional prohibition against religious discrimination. And those rabbis get all the powers and privileges of the State, even if they have that rule, most — many, many rabbis won't do that.
Then Justice Breyer sharply reminded Scalia:
It's called Congress shall make no law respecting the freedom of religion.

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  1. I love Scalia. Disagree with him on many things but as a character I like him. He is bright and gives a pleasant interview.

    More and more, I'm not saying this to demean his politics or jurisprudence, it seems like he is letting us know he needs Aricept or something. I know he is a bit of a troll in some ways. This is just a weak stupid ploy and Scalia was a lot smarter about his trolling a while back.

    I assume he knows its time to step down but wants to wait for a Republican president. Its sad.