Friday, February 6, 2015

Nebraska state senator discusses bill to cancel eminent domain option for Keystone XL

     Ernie Chambers is standing up for Western Nebraska landowners.
     GOP state senators, on the other hand, are siding with a foreign oil company's attempts to impose eminent domain condemnations on farmers and ranchers in order to build an extension to Keystone 1, the TransCanada pipeline which leaked a dozen times in its first year of operation.
     TransCanada won't tell landowners the composition and amount of carcinogenic solvents it will use to help its dilbit (diluted bitumen) pipeline flow. (Dilbit alone has the consistency of peanut butter.) In addition, TransCanada will not contribute eight cents per barrel to the Oil Spill Liability Trust fund; it says it doesn't have to because its product is not technically oil.

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