Friday, February 6, 2015

Video: NE State Sen. Adam Morfeld gives GI attorney Greg Neuhaus some righteous indignation over his anti-LGBT testimony

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Sen. Adam Morfeld (middle)
Sen. Adam Morfeld gave Grand Island Attorney Greg Neuhaus some pushback on Wednesday during the Unicameral's Judiciary Committee hearing on LB647, Sen. Jeremy Nordquist's bill to add protections to LGBT couples in Nebraska's Foster Care System. Norquist is shown at the 2:30 mark explaining his bill. (We're hoping his infant son inherits his daddy's puckish sense of humor about his own looks.)
     Sen. Sara Howard also has a second-parent adoption bill pending (LB648). Morfeld himself has an LGBT rights bill pending as well: LB586. 
     We're assuming Greg Neuhaus is related to Joe Neuhaus, of the Nebraska Family Alliance, which, in its earlier incarnation as the Nebraska Family Association, gathered thousands of signatures to block an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance passed 5-0 by the Lincoln City Council.
     The relentless Amber Parker put in another appearance, bringing up NAMBLA and bestiality. Parker is the author of an anti-gay children's book, apparently inspired by her observance of boy-girl bestiality at the zoo. (Please don't tell Amber about the 1600 animal species which engage in homosexual behavior or the various zoos which publicize same sex penguin couples, especially the one in China that held a mock wedding for two male penguins, suitably dressed for the occasion.)

If you'd like to contact members of the Nebraska Judiciary Committee regarding these three bills ensuring LGBT legal protections, links to their email addresses are below (except for Chambers, who doesn't do email, only surface mail or phone calles.) Senators Chambers (not present at the hearing), Morfeld and Brooks are already on the right side of this issue.
Once again the Unicameral Judiciary Committee was completely unprepared and clueless when presented with the discredited Regnerus Study.
     They all looked like Charlie Brown being fooled by Lucy snatching the football before his punt attempt. How many times does this have to happen? It's not as if this study's notoriety and bias is obscure. Sheesh. Don't these senators have any alert gay staffers?
     I tell you, the first time a senator busts a witness with the withering truth about the Regnerus study will be the last time said anti-LGBT activist tries that trick.

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