Friday, January 30, 2015

NE ACLU files another brief in response to AG Don Peterson's attempt to stall gay marriage cases

Free-spending ultra right-wing Nebraska Attorney General Don Peterson first tried to stay proceedings in Nebraska's gay marriage suit until June, when the the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on marriage equality in four cases outside Nebraska's Eighth U.S. Court of Appeals District.
     Judge Joseph F. Bataillon denied the Nebraska Attorney General's office stalling tactic, ruling that AG Peterson and his staff have "not made a sufficient showing that a delay in the outcome is necessary" and, therefore, said delay is "not warranted."
     Below, the ACLU refutes arguments advanced by AG Doug Peterson's office against its motion for a preliminary injunction while the case proceeds.
     AKSARBENT recommends that if you're reading this, you tweet @GovRicketts to find out how much the state is spending to delay gay marriage in Nebraska, which is now surrounded by gay marriage states.

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