Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Judge unimpressed by Nebraska AG office's poorly reasoned attempt to stall gay marriage case

Hey @GovRicketts!
     We hear you want to save Nebraska money!
     Is preparing a 45-page brief against gay marriage which pretends that Nebraska doesn't discriminate because it doesn't ask men or women their sexual orientation before allowing them to marry only the opposite sex really your idea of a good legal argument and money well spent?
     Now that Nebraska is surrounded by gay marriage states, do you think this argument will fly?
     Do you think that citing the Regnerus study as evidence against gay marriage is a good use of taxpayer money when the auditor hired by the journal that foolishly published it called it "bullshit?" When 200 MDs and PhD's denounced it in a SCOTUS brief? When the American Sociological Association excoriated it?
     You've said you intend to "defend" straight marriage in Nebraska.
     How much did this AG brief cost to prepare?
     How much do you want to see spent to "defend" straight marriages? $100,000? $500,000? $1,000,000?
     Will you hide or disclose how much the state is spending to stall gay marriage?
     We're gonna keep asking you!

Below: Judge Bataillon's ruling, which you may read in its entirety at Equality Case Files. 

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