Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Iowa nice

Our eastern neighbors seem to have abandoned the self-described moniker (and you can see why, in the video below, taken at the Davenport, Iowa Chicken Shack.)
      Meanwhile, a modified version of Iowa Nice is now being used by Nebraska's Tourist Agency (@NebraskaTourism.)
    Frankly, AKSARBENT doesn't know who to side with here. One dude is accused of being a registered sex offender and the other (with the knife) was ID'd by a YouTube commenter as a burglar on parole. Maybe we should flip a coin.
     An Illinois Quad-Cities denizen called out Davenport as "the Chicago suburbans of the Quad Cities.  You're almost guaranteed to get shot and stab there" but an Iowa partisan said the skid row of the Quad Cities is actually Rock Island, on the Illinois side. We are now very confused,
     Once we went to two gay bars in Davenport on our way back from Massachusetts. Both were insular and dull, but not as dull as driving across the plains to that metropolitan pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is Omaha.

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