Sunday, July 27, 2014

NBC airs viral video of Palestinian executed by Israeli sniper as he searched rubble of his home

From the Facebook page "Standing With
IDF [Israeli Defense Forces]
Israel denies any responsibility.
     20% of the Israeli military budget is paid for by your tax dollars, generously doled out by every year by Rep. Lee Terry (402-397-9944, 202-225-4155)  and and Rep. Adrian Smith (308-384-3900, 308-633-6333, 202-225-0207).
     Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid, and unlike other countries, which get their money in quarterly installments, Israel gets its 3.1 billion upfront, at the beginning of the year:
This is significant: It means that Israel can start earning interest on the money right away – interest paid by the US since Israel invests these funds in US Treasury notes. In addition, because the US government operates at a deficit, it must borrow money in order to give it to Israel and then pay interest on it all year. Together these cost US taxpayers more than $100 million every year. 

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