Monday, July 28, 2014

Mr. Ruffalo is very proud of Mr. Hemsworth's right bicep

So Mark Ruffalo was sitting next to Chris Hemsworth at ComicCon promoting the newest installment in the Avengers Marvel movie franchise and he couldn't resist (because he is expert at movie promotion) pulling up Hemsworth's short t-shirt sleeve to show off Hemsworth's right bicep and then Hemsworth grabbed Ruffalo's long-sleeved arm for a gun show comparison and then Ploy made an animated gif out of it, which Buzzfeed liked and then AKSARBENT saw it on Buzzfeed but it was way too fast so AKSARBENT re-animated the gif (just the good part) but slowed it down to either porn or TMZ perp-walk speed, whichever term you like, OK? By the way, AKSARBENT knows what TMZ really stands for, and if five people comment on this post, we'll post an addendum and tell you.

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