Saturday, May 17, 2014

French high school boys taunt anti-gay marriage group, Manif Pour Tous

The dishonestly-named anti-gay marriage group, Manif Pour Tous (Marriage for All) hates the fact officials in Nantes in Western France instituted a 'Lift the Skirt' campaign to "protest against sexism." In the campaign, teachers and male students at 27 public schools are encouraged to wear skirts on May 16. The idea came from students themselves. French right-wingers cite this as evidence that school officials are indoctrinating students in "gender theory," the belief that gender is not fixed at birth, a charge which dismays education authorities.

     Rough translation of picture below: High school Clemenceau Nantes: Atop a wall, a high school student puts on a skirt, in response to Manif Pour Tous militants.
     Video via @Str8grandmother (you may have to click through to youtube on one of these). More at JoeMyGod.

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