Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ohio Sheriff Steve Barry helps Christers stage mock arrests with real, on-duty cops in order to fabricate religious liberty victim narrative

Screencap of KAZ "exclusive" video of staged arrest
The only regret expressed by Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry for participation by his department in the taxpayer-subsidized Christian hoax was that he and his deputies were made out to look like "bad guys" because Larry James, general manager of Cleveland-based KAZ Radio Television Network, posted the mock arrests on YouTube without disclaimers informing viewers that the arrests were phony and part of church "marketing" efforts.
     Barry attempted to defend his office's actions to the Akron Beacon:
    Barry said his deputies (two who were off duty and unpaid and two who were on duty and paid) participated as an act of good will to help the faith community in its efforts.
     “I feel we have an obligation to the community as part of our community policing and community relations,” Barry said. “It took nothing away from their assignments and it was a good way to continue building relationships.”
     None of the three pastors who were “arrested” on Sunday — the Rev. Melford Elliott, pastor at Greater Bethel Baptist Church; the Rev. Robert Golson, pastor at Prince of Peace Baptist Church; and the Rev. Vincent Peterson, pastor at Providence Baptist Church — could be reached for comment.

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  1. If one reads Christian blogs on occasion, or even older Christian literature, a picture begins to emerge of many Christians being people who crave some persecution. I don't want to feed into their deire to be persecuted. I don't think most secularist American's want to get trapped in that sort of lurid drama either.

    So my impression on reading this post is that because of a severe lack in actual persecution some Christians got together to do some persecution role playing. There are all sorts of role play that really aren't my thing. I'm not going to call any other person's propensities perverted just because I think they are a superficial waste of time.

    If Christian's get off on persecution role play the only real justification I have to complain is the use of tax payer money and the credibility of a public office. If a sizable portion of citizens find frisking to be erotically stimulating and morally edifying will Sheriff Steve Barry send deputies out to frisk people as a "good way to continue building relationships."