Friday, March 7, 2014

After Nebraska visit, MSNBC host Ed Schultz no longer supports Keystone XL pipeline

(MSNBC host Ed Schultz interviews Nebraska landowners
fighting Keystone XL, from the renewable energy-powered
barn built directly in the path of the pipeline.
Photo: Mary Anne Andrei/Bold Nebraska
Bold Nebraska, whose indefatigable efforts have changed the opinons of many people, hosted Ed Schultz in the renewable energy barn it had built in the proposed path of the Keystone XL pipeline. From Schultz' show:

Now, I can go out in this research of doing on the XL Pipeline. I can go find an expert over here with the PhD who`s for it. I can go find
somebody over here a scientist who`s against it. Let me give you an absolute tonight, something that you could really hang your hat on.

     The aquifer is feet deep, not
thousands of feet, I mean, feet deep over this territory in Nebraska. This  pipeline if it's constructed, just like every other pipeline, it will leak.
     It's an absolute. It will leak. The first XL Pipeline leaked. The first XL Pipeline comes down here and then goes to Chicago. Well, this one is going to be bigger. It's going to be carrying something a heck of a lot different. It will leak. You can count on it.

      So the question is this America. Do you want to risk -- does the president of the United States want to risk damaging the aquifer? And I'm talking about irreversible damage. This isn't something the oil companies are going to be able to come in and fix the aquifer, no. When that oil, if and when it does get in there, now, what are we going to do? You are going to make void the farm economy in this part of the country. That's the risk.
     That's the absolute. No matter what any export tells you on the left, on the right, on the blue, on the green, on the center, no matter what their degrees are, this is where they want to put the pipeline. This is what it's going to cover and this is the risk.

      Mr. President, are we so energy void that we have to do this? I would love to see the president of the United States go to Nebraska and talk to the folks on the ground and find out exactly how far down that aquifer goes and what an oil spill would do, and what the ramifications would be.
      This right here, the Keystone XL Pipeline that would go over the Ogallala Aquifer is one of the biggest energy risks this country will ever take, ever, ever. It is going to be one of the most disastrous things if it does leak because it's irreversible.
     Mr. President, say no to this project. I turn this night on this program. I was wrong. But after researching both sides and listening to all the experts and seeing what`s out there, I don't think America needs to take this risk. That's not even taking into consideration our diplomatic relations with Canada, which I don't think are going to be risky.
     All this noise you're hearing on the Right Wing about Russia, forget it. That has nothing to do with or energy security and it will not affect the price, if we're worried about that on the global market.

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