Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Unlike Rush Limbaugh, David Koch aparently is a cheap tipper

Having missed its broadcast on PBS' Independent Lens, AKSARBENT caught Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream on Netflix las night. It's another searing indictment of the way that the 1% have stacked government regulations and tax policy in their favor in general, but specifically it rips David Koch, the richest resident of 740 Park Avenue, the prestigious New York City residential building that constitutes the symbol on which the documentary is hung.
     The producers interviewed a former doorman at the building who revealed that after loading bag after heavy bag into the Kochs' vehicle/s for various excursions to the Hamptons, he was rewarded! At Christmas! With $50! In the form of a check!
     Even Rush Limbaugh is more generous than that — he routinely tips waiters far more than $50.

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