Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh look, there's a Sen. Mark Christensen in Hawaii's legislature too

And the name of the doppelgänger is Mark McDermott, the Christian hate-group-aligned freakshow who seems to be the ideological (and intellectual) twin of Nebraska's Sen. Christensen...
     One difference: to our knowledge McDermott has never been accused of possibly outing a rural neighbor without his consent in a public hearing before a state deliberative body, which puts him one up on Christensen.
     Last Friday, during a Judiciary Committee hearing on the effects of the repeal of the federal DOMA law on gay couples in Nebraska, Sen. Christensen opined that homosexuality seemed (to him) to be a choice and not the result of the "bad genetics" he said fellow senator Ernie Chambers mentioned in comments earlier in the hearing.
     One slight problem: Chambers never used that phrase or anything similar in his remarks about the genetic nature of anyone's sexual orientation.
     Maybe Christensen was confusing Sen. Chambers' remarks with something he read in Mein Kampf? 

Above at about 7:16: Mark Christensen says "homersexuals" aren't that way because of
"bad genetics" (a phrase he falsely attributed to Sen. Chambers) — just bad choices apparently.

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