Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Omaha hate crime gives city, state nasty publicity, but Mayor Stothert doesn't bother to issue statement; Internet a lot faster than city's cops

The AKSARBENT post which begat this is here.
From Joshua Foo's Facebook page. Incident happened almost 3 days ago.

Today at about 11 a.m. we pulled this screencap of important things Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert wants the media to know about. Any thoughts on the three-day-old hate crime that is dragging the City's and State's name through the mud on the Internet, Ms. Mayor? Nah. Crickets.

Parody twitter account of Omaha Mayor "Mean Jean"
At least Jean Stothert's deep-as-the-Platte concern for gay Omahans and their friends hasn't wavered since she was a council­woman. Give her props for consistency:

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  1. Forward Equality asked Ryan for his permission to speak with the Mayor about issuing a statement. Ryan said he did not want that.