Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Discredited former UNL professor Paul Cameron goes to Russia, tells Duma roundtable that a third of LGBTs "support" pedophilia

UPDATE: More on this from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

From a previous AKSARBENT post citing Wikipedia:
     ...In 1980, Cameron left the University of Nebraska and took up private practice as a psychologist in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 1982, when the Lincoln City Council asked residents to vote on a proposal to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, Cameron led the opposition as chairman of the Committee to Oppose Special Rights for Homosexuals. Despite his earlier moderate position on teenage relationships, Cameron had come to take a hard-line stance on the topic of homosexuality. He has stated that his approach, emphasising the harms he believed to be caused by homosexual behavior and its acceptance, was influenced by his work on the "lethal" behavior of smokers.
     During the campaign in Lincoln, Cameron delivered a speech at the University of Nebraska Lutheran chapel. This drew much attention after he stated that a four-year-old boy had suffered a brutal homosexual assault in a local mall. [Gateway Mall — AKSARBENT] Police were unable to confirm the incident, and Cameron acknowledged that he had heard the story only as a rumor. On May 11, Lincoln voters rejected the proposed measure by a 4–1 margin.
From Buzzfeed, which translated adoring tweets from Russian Lawmaker/homophobe Alexander Sidyakin:
     Cameron has made a career out of publishing statistics that seek to bolster the argument that homosexuality is harmful to society and leads to suicide, drug addiction, and depression, which the civil rights organization the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as “hate literature masquerading as legitimate science.”
     ...[Alexander] Sidyakin is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and is the author of a law that imposes stiff penalties on NGOs who receive money from abroad and do not register as “foreign agents.”
     Based on his tweets, the roundtable seemed to be intensifying the drumbeat in favor of laws targeting gay and lesbian parents. A pending proposal to away their children was recently withdrawn by its sponsor, Deputy Alexei Zhuravlyov, but he has promised to re-introduce it after some tweaks are made to its wording. Russia has already banned citizens of countries that have approved same-sex marriage from adopting Russian children.
     Sidyakin tweeted that Cameron’s statistics should silence critics of the law criminalizing “promoting non-traditional sexual relations to minors”

Below: Cameron, interviewed by David Pakman, makes a surprising admission.

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