Friday, September 6, 2013

The end of Internet privacy? A furious Glenn Greenwald talks to Democracy Now! about the secret NSA program to crack online encryption

At the 20:00 mark, Greenwald reveals the two faces of Microsoft: the facade of security it shows to customers and the secret backdoor access it gives to the NSA. In fact Microsoft uses its position in the industry to compel PC manufacturers to install a spy/external control chip in newer PCs, which it calls, in the best Orwellian fashion, "TPMs" — Trusted Platform Modules.
     Later, Greenwald discusses the huge blowback in Brazil to U.S. NSA spying on Brazilian citizens, up to and including the personal communications of its president and the lies the UK government told about its "thuggish" nine-hour "terrorism" detention of his Brazilian boyfriend, who wasn't asked any question about terrorism.

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