Friday, September 6, 2013

Trailer: Germany answers Brokeback Mountain with Freefall

A photo editor for the New York Times seems to have liked this movie a lot, and who are we to say that s/he is wrong?
     Whenever we see a picture like the one on the right, we like to give our local daily news­paper a shoutout.
     "Never in the World-Herald!" is what we shout, actually.
     But we totally understand why the World-Herald never runs pictures like this.
     If it did, bunches of homophobes would be at its doors screaming at it as if it were an abortion clinic.
    And in the face of a din like that, how in the world could the Herald muster enough concentration to concoct editorials persuasive enough to dupe its readers into voting for candidates like Lee Terry or Steve King or Jean Stothert?
     For the love of Mike, cynical editorial deception and manipulation of the body politic requires some piece and quiet.

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