Monday, January 28, 2013

Pandering to gay voters in Paris, France versus doing so in Des Moines, Iowa; compare and contrast

In Des Moines today, Iowa Republicans for Freedom have organized an event with Ken Mehlman, a gay former Republican National Committee Chairman and a key adviser to former President George Bush, who signed on to the strategy of promoting anti-marriage equality state constitution amendments during the 2004 election cycle to bring the evangelicals Bush had betrayed back to the polls to reelect him president.
     Former Romney campaign senior advisor Dave Kochel, who has now has endorsed marriage equality, will be there too; the event is intended to draw young people to the Republican Party. Said JMG: We have to wonder if Kochel took part in the decision for Romney to sign NOM's hate pledge and whether today's move is just opportunism.
     Meanwhile, in France, two members of parliament, socialists Yann Galut and Nicolas Bays joined the "Marriage for All" protests Sunday by, well, "frenching" each other. Neither is gay; both are married with children.
    Maybe this this will catch on in Nebraska. Maybe Beau McCoy, after his LB912 debacle, will have a change of heart and make out with Tony Fulton in the State Capitol Cafeteria — for solidarity purposes only, of course. We at AKSARBENT would pay to have someone else watch that.
(Source: JMG)

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