Monday, January 28, 2013

Only one band member of Gurizada Fandangueira died in Kiss Brazilian nightclub fire: Danilo Jacques, 28, who perished trying to retrieve accordion

Dead: 28-year-old Gurizada Fandangueira accordionist, Danilo Jacques
Update: Two bandmembers arrested, as well as both Kiss Club co-owners. Outdoor flares used; missing video mystery solved

ABC reported that police inspector Sandro Meinerz said one Gurizada Fandangueira member (Danilo Jacques, 28) died because he returned inside the burning building to save his accordion. Most of the band survived because it was among the first to notice the fire.
     Another survivor, Michele Pereira, told the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper that she was near the stage when members of the band lit some sort of flare that started the conflagration.
     "The band that was onstage began to use flares and, suddenly, they stopped the show and pointed them upward," she said. "At that point, the ceiling caught fire. It was really weak, but in a matter of seconds it spread."
     Guitarist Rodrigo Martins told Radio Gaucha that the band, Gurizada Fandangueira, started playing at 2:15 a.m. "and we had played around five songs when I looked up and noticed the roof was burning."
     "It might have happened because of the Sputnik, the machine we use to create a luminous effect with sparks. It's harmless, we never had any trouble with it," he said. "When the fire started, a guard passed us a fire extinguisher, the singer tried to use it but it wasn't working."
     He confirmed that accordion player Danilo Jacques, 28, died, while the five other members made it out safely.

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