Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leno helps gay couple decorate for Christmas and hurl snowballs at a Chik-fil-A

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Sir Paul McCartney gets owned by 55-year-old Four Lads record
     Crystal Dixon firing upheld: Nebraska Family Council falsely exploited case as religious liberty / freedom of speech issue in order to attack Lincoln LGBT law.

Leno: Look at this place. There's no lights. There's nothing on the lawn. These people need our help.

Leno: ...Why so gloomy?
Victims: You know it's just the way we were brought up, I guess.

Leno: Are you guys a couple?
Victims: We've been together 14 years.
Leno: So it's just become kind of... the excitement's gone!

Victims: When it comes to taste or fashion, the closest thing we have is our wagon wheel chandelier in the kitchen.
Leno: OK, these are not real gay people.

Skip to 1:37 below.

Later on Friday's show, Leno and former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw exhibited their cake-eating tendencies.

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