Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NE Gov. Dave Heineman to Humane Society of the US: 'We're going to kick your ass and send you out of the state'

Factory farm sow confinement. Photo source.
Related: Iowa recently enacted an ag-gag law to send factory farm animal cruelty whistleblowers to jail. AKSARBENT posts were here and here.

Today the Omaha World-Herald reported on Dave Heineman's March 7 comments at the Nebraska Cattlemen symposium in Lexington and how people concerned about animal cruelty in factory farms have reacted.
Omahan Jocelyn Nickerson...state director of the Humane Society of the United States, says the governor's comments were offensive to the approximately 51,000 Nebraskans who believe in her organization.
     "The governor says he wants to kick us out," she said. "Where does he want us to go?"
     ...In recent years, under the leadership of President Wayne Pacelle, HSUS has launched initiatives on farm animal welfare, succeeding in outlawing tight confinement practices for pregnant sows, veal calves and laying hens in at least a half-dozen states.

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