Friday, September 23, 2011

How Florence Henderson figured out Robert Reed was gay; Brady Bunch star also has a Google problem

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  1. ...During the conservative 70's homophobic. Mannerism of American broadcasting ignore. The
    integrity of LGBT artist Robert could. Closet
    factor wasn't during years of acceptance. Yes, many new LGBT actually influence. Arts in America
    never spoke of it Florence. Accurate if society
    knew, during 70's. So called morals: Brandy Bunch. Would been opposite toss lunch? Why the
    hate towards LGBT people. After years since Robert death wow, 20yrs ago. Bigotry is among us
    do trust. These opinions of acceptance. Many are
    brainwashed Robert was. Good man sorry we lost him. Sexuality is private does it matter. To some,once again. Robert was pretending to be
    Mike Brandy. Your privacy is your business thanks

    1. Not at all. when you struggle and choose to become a public figure, an actor, elected official, musician, noted athlete, ect,ect. One elected to throw away their anominity that the rest of their family and the general public enjoy. His sexuality is open & fair game.

  2. For myself employed in banking industry. Coming out without a doubt. The friendly candor no longer. Fear and intimidation Roberta I never. New or cared Robert was Gay. Label cause friction in America opposite. Europe or Canada simply Robert acclaimed actor. America feels right to expose your sexuality. Robert didn't hide valid sexual. Lust shouldn't be discuss also read. Robert abuse fellow LGBT regarding. Cruising no merit hey sorry Robert. Many other did before there respect. Rendered, actor whom played with Robert. Also died Kevin Peter Hall 1955-1991. Media said blood transfusion not accurate. Kevin lied discreet Gay life in South America. And Italy no Kevin privacy the men. Had conceal truth bigotry towards. LGBT thanks for article on Robert. Wish both men still among us. I'm Gay free to be me.

  3. It was a very different time back then. Homoexuality was anathema and gay people could not even dream of coming "OUT" the way they talk about it today. Homophobia was the law of the land and the lousy ChurcH played a paramount role in repressing,scapegoating and vilifyin gays-particularly men.They upheld age old myths,false stereotypes and vicious lies about gays in an ttempt to deny homosexuality as a normal part of human sexuality.All the while molesting adolescent boys for decades,recruiting homosexual priests,and covering it up.WAKE UP,AMERICA !

  4. Her kids didn't turn out gay.

  5. I must say the fact that one is gay does not mean anything except their choice to love the same sex. 6 very close friends of mine are gay/lesbians. they never,would or have even thought about me except that we are friends. could care less about their love life. And i am sure they could care less about mine.

    One of my other friends commented once "hes been hanging around with your wife" i just chuckled and said good!

  6. would be nice to find the story instead of just a headline with nothing below!