Friday, January 8, 2021

Seth Meyers to Ben Sasse:
What a-the fuck are you a-talking about?

Ben Sasse, who holds a doctorate in history from Yale University, insisted on the floor of the Senate this week that the center of America is not Washington, D.C. and that Americans should be shoveling their neighbors' snow instead of, presumably, staying glued to their screens watching his party's leaders egg on vandals attacking the Capitol Building of the United States.
     On "A Closer Look," Seth Meyers was having none of Sasse's bizarre redirection.

Quick follow-up question for you, Ben Sasse: What a-the fuck are you a-talkin' about?
      Violent separatists just ransacked the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow Democracy, forcing lawmakers and staff to lock down and shelter in place and you're solution is to shovel your neighbor's driveway? This isn't Lake Wobegone.
     You're not the host of Prairie Home Companion. You're a United States Senator and insurgents just breached the Capitol.

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