Friday, May 26, 2017

NBC's Montana affiliate, purchased by right-wing Sinclair, apologizes for not airing audio of body-slam by GOP candidate

...Or omitting inconvenient facts completely
In a statement to Talking Points Memo Tamy Wagner, the general manager of NBC News affiliate KECI, said “We clearly made a mistake, it was unintentional and we apologize,”
     Well, it sure didn't sound "unintentional" in New York Magazine's account yesterday of an email sent from KECI to NBC:
     New York has learned that KECI news director Julie Weindel was called by NBC News to see if KECI would cover the story or had any footage of the Gianforte incident that NBC News and its affiliates could use. A well-placed source familiar with communications between KECI news director Julie Weindel and NBC News says that she was unyielding in her refusal to share any footage she may have had access to, or run a report on the incident. According to the source, Weindel said that they weren’t covering the story, though it was featured in outlets across the country at the time, explaining, “The person that tweeted [Jacobs] and was allegedly body slammed is a reporter for a politically biased publication.” Weindel then added, “You are on your own for this.”

     Weindel told New York that those remarks were made in a private email shortly after the story broke, and had been “taken out of context between numerous phone calls as well with NBC.”
     Sinclair Broadcast Group, which bought KECI, is a right-wing broadcast behemoth with a history of outrageous conservative bias. In Nebraska, Sinclair owns several stations to which it issues daily must run orders for right-wing propaganda: KWNB-TV in Hayes Center, KHGI in Kearney-Hastings, KFXL in Lincoln, KHGI-CD in North Platte, and KPTM and KXVO in Omaha.

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