Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another fire in NE Omaha, near 14th & Fowler

There is a ridiculous number of suspicious fires in Northeast Omaha, but no suggestion yet that this was among them (although @meanstreetsOMA did say it was a "creepy abandoned house.")
     We would add: but not as creepy as the lowlife who torched it, if that's what happened.
     AKSARBENT tried to get a much better angle from the deserted rear alley, about 100 feet from the fire trucks on the street in front of the residence, but a photography prevention officer from OPD objected to that, even though people were walking past trucks and fire hoses in front of the home, snapping and videoing away.
     Officer Friendly also didn't like that we stood between the sidewalk and a fenced yard 1/2 a block away to take the following (zoom compressed appearance of distance), but he didn't shoo us away, which was awfully nice of him.

Here's a YouTube video from @MeanStreetsOMA, which probably does not approve of our snark righteous indignation.

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