Friday, November 18, 2016

"Son" of Trump jeweler pal who picked out Melania's ring arrested after hockey player who turned down sex in his apt found in shallow NJ grave

  • Time picks Most Important Gay Photo in History for new collection. It's not. 
  • NE Sen. sends tweet based on fake news story, gets 670 retweets 
  • Antigay IA Rep. hangs up when CBC's As It Happens asks pointed question about his Suck It Up, Buttercup bill

Rackover (right) and Dilione
James Rackover, formerly James Beaudoin, has been named as a suspect in the murder of Joseph Comunale, whose burned body was found in a shallow grave near the Jersey Shore.
     Rackover, 25, and his bud, Lawrence Dilione, 28, are both charged with concealing a corpse, hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence, but not murder. Police still need to know exactly who may have stabbed Comunale to death and who may or may not have helped.
     Rackover, lived in a floor four apartment in a building next door to Donald Trump Jr. His rent was subsidized by jeweler-to-the-stars (Oprah, Denzel, Trump, etc.) Jeffrey Rackover, who lived on floor 32. The elder Rackover is a friend of Donald Trump who helped him pick out Melania Trump's engagement ring. Neighbors didn't buy the dad/son pose.
'I have seen them working out together in the gym and there is no way they were father and son,' one neighbor told the
    Another friend saw them at a wedding and that was definitely not an appropriate father son relationship.
     'The kid moved in about a year ago - Jeffrey decorated it to his liking - and apparently told people he was Jeffrey's long lost son.'And Jeffrey introduced me to him in the elevator as his son. The kid is covered in tattoos. No one thought he was Jeffrey's son.'
Murdered: Hofstra grad and
avid hockey player Joey Comunale
     Comunale reportedly met James Rackover at a Meatpacking District Club, The Gilded Lily, then later went to Rackover's 59th St. condo with another man and three women, who left later, as did Comunale.
     Comunale returned about 7:30 a.m. and was not seen leaving the building after that, although a man was recorded on surveillance video moving two pieces of luggage out of the building. He allegedly asked a building employee how long the condo kept security video.
     Comunale, who is alleged to have turned down sex from one or more men at Rackover's apartment, was found partially burned in a shallow grave in New Jersey near Shore Point roofing, owned by Dilione.

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