Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Meet the right-wing hedge fund heiress who pulls more of Trump's strings than just about anyone

Politico has extensively documented the reactionary political activism of heiress Rebekah Mercer here and here. Below, an executive summary of the 42-year-old who home-schooled her children in an Upper West Side apartment she had fashioned from the six adjoining residences she bought.

  • She's a Stanford graduate with a dual degree in biology and mathematics, and a Master's in operations research. Her dad is a billionaire quantitative trading pioneer, whose right-wing foundation she runs.
  • She's on the Trump 16-member transition team executive committee where she recruits appointees with help from the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation 
  • She indirectly funded publication of "Clinton Cash" a far right book that damaged Clinton's image
  • Her family mostly owns Cabridge Analytica, Trump's prescient polling firm
  • Her family invested $10 million in rabidly homophobic, racist, anti-Jewish Breitbart News
  • She convinced the Trump campaign to hire Kellyanne Conway
  • She lobbied hard for Trump to pick racist Jeff Sessions for Attorney General — and  retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn
  • Her family has spent $73.5 million in disclosed political contributions since 2010 to candidates, committees and right-wing nonprofits
  • She's reduced the family's support of the Koch network because she thinks they're not aggressive enough
  • An associate says she want to "beat the Kochs and Paul Singer and the Ricketts”

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