Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kohler: SNL trashes business of GOP activist / plumbing fortune heir

Terry Kohler's deep pockets and dark money machinations helped fuel the rise of Scott Walker's Wisconsin and have kept him in office. It may or may not have been sheer coincidence that SNL trashed his company last night. From PR Watch:
Kohler is an heir to the fortune built by The Kohler Company, a toilet, faucet, and plumbing fixture manufacturer that has long had a contentious relationship with organized labor. In 1934, Kohler security guards fired into a crowd of striking workers, killing two and wounding 43 others, and marking a tragic landmark in labor history. Twenty years later, in 1954, the Kohler Company's refusal to negotiate with the union resulted in the longest strike in U.S. history, lasting nine years.

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