Saturday, October 8, 2016

AKSARBENT bestows its awards on those cities
with the best I Charleston videos

Behold now, the AKSARBENT Swingdance Honors conferred on those most deserving cities, the denizens of which have produced I Charleston videos named after their communities:

Overall winner: Roma!
Unbelievably terrific soundtrack, seriously good dancers, impeccable editing, glorious cinematography and snappy pacing. Marred only by a 40-second intro which you can skip.

Runner up: Berlin
Didn't care for the vintage photo grading, but well-edited and beautifully focused on some talented dancers, especially in the second half. Wonderful!

I Charleston, San Francisco
  • Most charming: Lyon (surprisingly, not Paris's which is surprisingly Bohemian)
  • Slickest city promotion without looking like a commercial: Chicago
  • Most relentless city promotion that totally looks a commercial: Los Angeles (great music though)
  • Most hyperkinetic, grab-you by-the-lapels: Memphis 
  • Tennessee honorable mention: Nashville, very well done. But then, Music City, USA has a reputation to uphold, and it does
  • Goofiest/Funniest/Best Display of Male Nudity: Seattle
  • Just because it's New York: New York City (fun, diverse, and of course it's well executed)
  • AKSARBENT's personal favorite: San Francisco (mostly because of the adorable, fiercely talented short guy. Ouch!)
     In an age in which a shitty K-pop video can rack up a billion YouTube views, the fact that none of the above videos has cracked 500,000 is truly a scandal.
     Omaha, which is as big as Lyon, France, doesn't have an I Charleston video because apparently no one in this city realizes the promotional value of dance memes on the Internet.

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