Monday, July 25, 2016

Another wedding photographer kicks gay couples to the curb

Via @NE4Equality comes the news that one Vanessa Kibbie, wedding photographer, has joined the rank ranks of Christers Who Will Not Be Denied the Right to Deny Goods and Services to LGBTs.
     On her website, wedding photographer Vanessa Kibbie writes:
"I strive to build connections and relationships with each client. I always cherish every smile and every experience I get to share with my clients."
     Of course to be a client of hers, you must be marrying a member of the opposite sex.
     Kibbie can discriminate because Catholic and fundamentalist churches, spearheaded by the Nebraska Family Alliance, gathered 10,000 signatures to block Lincoln, Nebraska's Fairness Ordinance, which would have assured equal treatment in public accommodations to LGBTs.
     Though we're not fans of the washed-out approach to photography, we think Biddie is a talented portraitist, and to her credit she has not removed critical comments (yet) on her Facebook page.
     Unfortunately, that's all the praise we can muster for a cafeteria Christer who claims to take the bible literally (no one today does, no matter what they claim).
     As for Biddie's contention that her refusal is not about potential clients' sexual orientation but about her biblical beliefs, horseshit. It's ALL about sexual orientation. And we don't buy the argument that hired hands (photogs, wedding planners, caterers, cake bakers, etc.) are forced to be  "celebrants" in same sex marriage ceremonies. They're not, and they shouldn't be trying to nail themselves to that cross.

Here's a Facebook Visitor's post left by someone unamused by Biddie's stance:

Eva Prettyman‎ to Vanessa Kibbie Photography
July 2 at 1:49pm ·

Dear Vanessa,

         I don’t really regret to inform you that I will not be able to use your photography services in the future.
         I am also a Christian and in accordance with that I do my best to be a loving, inclusive and kind person. I am reminded of Matthew 5:44 "But, I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” or Matthew 22:39 "Love your neighbor as yourself.” I don’t believe everything in the bible is true - and I certainly don’t live like that. For example, I commonly wear clothing with mixed fibers and I enjoy shellfish and even bacon occasionally. I also don’t believe in stoning women or children, for the record.
         I believe that photographers are people who use their artistry and technical skill to capture images. To me, they shouldn’t use their businesses as a platform for intolerance or hate and in my faith I cannot support a photographer who would do that. For the same reason, I would not do business with anyone who used their business as a platform for discrimination or for pushing their own intolerant beliefs on others.
         I want to remind you that I am not denying you my patronage because of your religious practices, but simply because my beliefs do not condone supporting a business with a religious agenda that is aligned with intolerance.
         I am not telling you this to condemn you whatsoever but to share with you my reasoning for not being able to support you as a photographer. I wish you the best!

A lost client 

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